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Services for Non-Profit Organizationsnonprofit
The JP McKeone Insurance Agency is dedicated to providing innovative, cost-effective packages customized to meet the individual needs of our clients.
Years of involvement and support have made us aware of the unique challenges faced by charitable service agencies, schools and other non-profit organizations and we are committed to providing specialized insurance coverage to meet your needs. We offer several different insurance products developed especially for nonprofit establishments including:

Property and Casualty Insurance protects your organization from loss or damage to property and equipment.

Commercial General Liability Insurance protects your organization against legal expense and suit awards due to basic slip and fall or suits against your organization for goods and services provided to the public.

Educator and Counselor Professional Liability Insurance, Directors and Officers Liability Coverage protects the board and its individual members from third party accusations of negligent decisions or actions made by the board.

Workers Compensation reduces hazards and minimizes losses through coverage against volunteer or employee "on the job" injury.

We also offer auto programs covering cars, vans, trucks and buses, including auto liability, physical damage and hired and non-owned auto liability insurance.

Our umbrella programs cover the remainder of your needs.

At JP McKeone, we are committed to developing a comprehensive insurance program crafted particularly for the needs of your organization.